Care Instructions


Material Used for Clay Lab SG’s Earrings
  • Clay Lab SG’s Earrings are handmade from polymer clay, which is a strong, durable and lightweight PVC material. It is slightly bendable and it is non-toxic.
  • All earring posts, backings and jump rings are made from stainless steel (unless otherwise stated), so it’s suitable for those with sensitive skin.
  • For gold earring posts, it will come with a rubber backing instead of a gold stainless steel backing.
  • Certain design may contain gold brass parts and Jesmonite. 
  • Though Jesmonite is similar to ceramic, it is a very lightweight material and it does not feel heavy on your ears. 
How to care for your earrings?
  • Always store jewellery in a cool and dry box to prevent scratches or breakage.
  • Avoid contact with makeup, hair products and perfume as it may stain the jewellery.
  • Avoid contact with alcohol as it may dissolve the polymer clay.
  • To clean your jewellery, lightly wipe it with a lint-free jewellery cloth.
  • As for Jesmonite, it is a strong material, however it is similar to ceramic, so do avoid dropping your jewellery onto hard surfaces as the impact can weaken or break the piece.

Polymer Clay Cutters

Material Used for Clay Lab SG’s Polymer Clay Cutters
  • Clay Lab SG’s Polymer Clay Cutters are made from a material called PLA (polylactic acid) plastic, which is manufactured out of plant-based resources such as cornstarch or sugarcane. 
  • PLA is biodegradable and recyclable. 
How to care for your polymer clay cutters?
  • Wash cutters with clean soapy water or wipe it with a wet cloth.
  • Avoid bending cutters and store it in a box when not in use. 
  • Avoid storing cutters under direct sunlight.
  • Do not place cutters into dishwasher or oven (Yes, it will melt!).